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Understanding ( Electronic Basic for diagnostic system to dekstop motherboard )
1.SMT Components
7.Op Amp
8.Start Up
-------------------------- My Version
1. Type : R = Resistor.
    Primary fungtions :for current drop down. Don't voltage drop down.
    Others : for fuse, jumper , dummy load ,etc.
    if it is burn or open.. replace , and make sure this value is true. may be resistor for fuse fungtion so it's a open condition , becouse short circuit or over current.
   Type : C = Capasitor.
    Others : for voltage filtering , blocking DC signal ,etc
   if it is burn or short problem . change it.
   Type : L = Inductor
    Others : for freq filtering , choke , etc.
LPF = Low Pass Filter. ex: series L,R,C.
    For low freq filter
  Type : F
This is a Fuse. Ex: F1 ( main fuse ) , F2 ,F3,... ( others fuse).
   if it is open , remove and change it. check again for true condition , make sure this component already to use.
2. VRM ( Voltage Regulator Modul )
links : dc to dc converter , smps , LDO ,etc.


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